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Pathways 2015-2018

March 3, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr A Gostelow


Chinese New Year, “The Year of the Ram”

March 3, 2015 in Front Page News by All Hallows

All Hallows Catholic College Y7 and Y9 students held a Chinese fashion show to celebrate 2015 Chinese New Year, “The Year of the Ram”.

China has 56 different ethnic minorities, each has their own customs. Throughout history each successive dynasty brought its own customs too. All this provides a very rich and fascinating cultural heritage.

Miao people prize a good singing voice and dancing abilities. Song and dance are a big part of Miao people’s daily life.

The Dai people are accomplished singers and dancers. Their music is very famous all over China. Traditional Dai musical instruments include: elephant-foot drum, bronze gong, clarinet, and hulusi.

The Uyghur are an ethnic group from Western China. Uygur people never leave their home without a cap. Caps are the most important piece of clothing for Uygur people. Women like to put designs on their caps. They often add colourful embroidery and pictures.

Tibet lies in the Himalayas. Its clothing is influenced by being on the Roof of the World.Tibetans wear a robe and a shirt. The robes often fastened with two cloth belts.

Hanfu can be tracked back to Huangdi, the king ruled ancient China in the 27th century BC, he made the original rules of Hanfu.

The features of Tang Dynasty clothing were unique and natural and exhibited great exquisiteness. The materials used for garments were stylish, refined and beautiful and the ornamentations were fabulous.


Y11 Investing In Their Futures

February 26, 2015 in Front Page News by All Hallows

Congratulations to the following students for investing in your futures and aiming for success – You made a commitment to revise again and then attended your mock re-sits on Saturday 2 Feb 2015.

Mathematics: Jake Fethers, Hannah Gosling, Molly Donnelly, Thomas Nickson, Victoria Rogers, Tom Wood.

Science: Jordy Amos, James Croston, Fay Larsen, Alex Needham, Julius Sanchez, Oliver Webster, Lucy Walley, Caitlin Cartledge, Magan Dee, Olivia Dodd, Jemima Hill, Christopher Marriott, Ciera Doherty, Victoria Rogers, Natalie Brown, Molly Donnelly, Hannah Gosling, Jessica Houghton, Leanne Scott, Ellie Stanier, Sam Roberts.

English: Reema Adams, Jessica Ainsworth, Jordy Amos, Alexander Bailey, Jessica Bratt, Natalie Brown, Jordan Brown, Lewis Chalcroft, Luke chapman, Joseph Clarke, Harry Coales, Kurt Evans, Joseph Evans, Jake Fethers, Jacob Glazer, Mollie Goodier, Hannah Gosling, Emily Hastings, Emily Horrocks, James Hurst, Alyce King, Abby Levett-Smith, Caitlin Lynch, Phoebe McCarthy, Alex Needham, Darren O’Connor, Matthew O’Conovan, Louisa Roff, Victoria Rogers, Joseph Rotchell, Julius Sanchez, Emily Taylor, Emma Thorpe, Rachel Vare, Aleksandra Walicka, Jade Wardle, Sean Warren, Jacob Warren, Oliver Webster, Georgia Whitehurst, Jack Wlison,

Many of you placed your repeat mock before family commitments, football or Saturday jobs – and we think you’ve got your priorities right. We are proud of you and wish you all the best. Looking forward to seeing the new marks.

Mr Billings (Principal)


27 February Newsletter 2015

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Aspire – Christmas Term Review

February 11, 2015 in Front Page News by All Hallows


Aspire – Ofsted Edition

January 7, 2015 in Front Page News by All Hallows


Parent Consultation Day 3 (Wednesday 13 May)

January 6, 2015 in Front Page News by All Hallows

Year 7: ATTEND COLLEGE for special Activity Day

Year 8: ATTEND CONSULTATION DAY APPOINTMENTS in College with parents and complete READING BLOG at home.


Year 10: ATTEND CONSULTATION DAY APPOINTMENTS in College with parents and complete READING BLOG at home.

Year 11: AT HOME completing SCIENCE REVISION or in College for examinations/study as directed.

Sixth Form: AT HOME OR IN COLLEGE doing personalised study.


Principal’s Surgery

January 6, 2015 in Front Page News by All Hallows

Parents / Carers are invited to attend a Principal’s Surgery to discuss any concerns or ask questions, on the following dates
Thursday 29 January ’15, 9am – 10am
Tuesday 10 February ’15, 3.45pm – 4.45pm
Wednesday 11 March ’15, 9am – 10am
Tuesday 24 March ’15, 3.45pm – 4.45pm
There is no appointment system so please be prepared to wait

Whitsun, Trinity and Michaelmas Term Reviews 2014

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December 16, 2014 in Front Page News by Mr A BILLINGS


Students at All Hallows dazzled the Ofsted inspectors when they remarked the College ‘is as perfect as it can be’ during their recent visit to the Voluntary Academy in Macclesfield. Inspectors were equally inspired by the Catholic College ethos and awarded the highest possible grade of ‘Outstanding’ in all areas including the Sixth Form. This is the second time the College has received an ‘Outstanding’ result and the Inspectors congratulated the Principal and all the staff for achieving such an impressive outcome and flourishing, even when expectations have never been higher.

The innovative College was praised for the quality of teaching and learning which allowed their students to ‘make rapid progress in a wide range of subjects.’  The Principal, Mr Billings, senior and middle leaders, teachers and governors are said to provide outstanding leadership not just through a ‘relentless focus on improving teaching’ but also ‘the personal development of students,’ where each individual is valued and nurtured.

All Hallows students’ attitude to learning and behaviour is ‘Outstanding’ and students are ‘keen to do as well as they can.’ The faith and values of the college play a ‘major part in students feeling well prepared for the next phase of education and life in modern Britain.’

Mr Billings, the Principal said, ‘We couldn’t be more pleased.  I am so proud of everyone.  We are always striving to be the best we can and it is wonderful to have such public recognition.’ Jacqui Feely, Chair of Governors said, ‘the Governors are over the moon with the result and the report which captures the excellence and extent of the care for young people which is at the heart of All Hallows. This is a well-deserved result achieved by the whole team working together each and every day.’

Read the full Ofsted Report here! – PDF