Year 11 Study Leave 2016

Year 11 Study Leave 2016

The College can now confirm that Year 11 students are expected to attend all lessons until on Tuesday 7th June 2016.

Between Wednesday 8th June and Friday 24th June 2016 students in Year 11 may, should they choose to, continue to attend lessons for those subjects in which exams have not taken place.

On Wednesday 8th June 2016 all Year 11 students are invited to a special leaver’s assembly in the main hall at 9.00 a.m. to celebrate the end of their time with us as they move to the next chapter in their lives.

Principal’s Surgery

Parents / Carers are invited to attend a Principal’s Surgery to discuss any concerns or ask questions, on the following dates:
Tuesday 15 March ’16, 3.45pm – 4.45pm
Thursday 14 April ’16, 10am – 11am
Tuesday 17 May ’16, 3.45pm – 4.45pm
Tuesday 21 June ’16, 9am – 10am
Friday 1 July ’16, 9am – 10am
There is no appointment system so please be prepared to wait

Section 48 Monitoring Visit, Monday March 21st

Our College will shortly receive a monitoring visit as part of the programme of regular school inspections under S48 of the Education Act 2005. As the College was judged ‘Outstanding’ in July 2011, this inspection will take the form of a 1 day monitoring visit which will be carried out by an inspector approved and appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Shrewsbury.  The inspection will judge how effective the College is in providing Catholic Education taking into account: The outcomes for students and how effective leaders, governors and managers are in developing the Catholic life of the College.

S48 Monitoring Visit Letter Home – PDF

‘Question Time’ The Sixth Form and Mr David Rutley MP

Recently All Hallows Sixth Form students had the privilege to meet with Macclesfield MP David Rutley. As teenagers with a genuine interest in politics and Ethics we were eager to question David’s political views and investigate whether or not his own religious views influenced his politics. The burning topic was of course the European referendum and how he intended to vote. However the process in which this was achieved was obviously very ‘democratic’ as students raised their hands to say whether or not they wished for Britain to stay in the European Union, leave or if they were undecided. Furthermore, David was bombarded with questions including: ‘How can we tackle the housing crisis?’ from Eddie Meehan to ‘Why are tuition fees so cripplingly high?’ from Niamh O’ Sullivan. ‘Why had he voted against Same Sex Marriage?’ Charlie Fox. This led to a robust discussion between the students, Mr Billings and our MP. At times when David was speaking, it felt as if we had been transported from All Hallows Catholic College to the House of Commons – especially since he spoke with such emotional conviction about his journey which took him from humble beginnings, to Harvard, to eventually becoming an MP.

We questioned Mr Rutley about his position on Faith schools in the light od the government agenda on Radicalisation and Extremism and at the end of the Q & A session , as students we were given the chance to inform David of the benefits of attending a faith school and the positive implications this has such as a sense of belonging- and in the words of Aidan Hughes: ‘Faith schools play a major role in moral and spiritual growth’. To conclude however, we hope our MP learnt as much about the political and ethical views of those in All Hallows as we did about the pressing political issues of the 21st century!

Emily Rafferty Yr 12

The Great Big Upcycled Design Competition

‘Year 7 Geography students entered the East Cheshire pre-loved upcycling competition. 5 pieces of work were entered and 3 of these pieces have been nominated as entries for the overall winner’s award to become The Great Big Upcycled Design Competition – Preloved Champion.
There are only 4 entries in total for this overall award.
If you would like to help one of our pupils win this award the please feel free to vote here:
Our pupils entered the:
Tin Can robot – Simon Price and Joshua Stubbs
Shredded Paper Dress – Poppy Hall
Metal Butterfly – Elizabeth Summers.’