'Nothing we do to, or for our students, is more important than our assessment of their work and the feedback we give them on it. The results of our assessment influence students for the rest of their lives...'


Target Setting

Within the first 2 weeks of Year 12 you will be issued with your A  Level / BTEC Target Grades. Target grades are set based on your academic performance at G.C.S.E.  These will be used to help to measure your progress towards your final grades at the end of Year 13.  This table shows how your grades at GCSE translate.



In Sixth Form students receive Progress Reports that include ‘Fine Level Progress Grades’ that can be explained with the following example:

  • An A1 grade indicates that a teacher is confident that a student will achieve an A grade, should current performance be maintained and the student has a chance of achieving a grade above, which in this case would be an A* should improvements suggested by the teacher be acted upon.


  • An A2 grade indicates that a teacher is confident that a student will achieve an A grade should current performance be maintained. An A2 therefore indicates a solid A grade.


  • An A3 grade indicates that although progress / mock exam / internal assessment indicates performance that is worthy of an A grade, there is a chance that should performance drop the student is close to the boundary of the grade below, which in this case would be a B grade. An A3 therefore indicates a less secure A grade.

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