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Computing Challenge



Have a go at creating your own Flappy Bird game using the link below.

It's easy to create and there is a step-by-step tutorial.

Have fun!


Can you decode this message?

Olssv flhy lpnoa huk dlsjvtl av aol jhlzhy jpwoly!

It’s made using the Caesar Cipher – one of the oldest methods for encoding messages so that they cannot be read by other people

Watch a clip about the Caesar Cipher here:

Try to encode some messages using the Caesar Cipher for your family to try to decode.

You can use a Caesar Cipher wheel to help speed up the decoding. There is an online wheel here:

Rkfo Pex!



Use Word, Powerpoint or pens and paper to design a web page about your hobby or interest.

Below is an example of a fan web page about The Beatles

Your page should have text and images and you could include links to YouTube clips or other resources. Try to make it look interesting and colourful.

When you have created your page if you want to make it into a real webpage you could create a free account on one of the online website builders such as go daddy or Wix and have a go at the real thing. Remember to get your parents' permission before making an account.

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