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India Immersion Day 1

We are ready for India, but is India ready for us?


Friday 20th October

We started off at the lovely time of 3 am at Manchester airport. Despite the time everyone was excited and after a running race from Kohta and Dylan we went through security (it took forever). After a roam around duty free and a pesto pasta tasting Starbucks drink (which Freya chugged out of principal because it cost her a fiver). We boarded the 90 minute flight from Manchester to Frankfurt. This went by fast as most people slept through it. Then we had 45 minutes to explore Frankfurt airport before we boarded the 8 hours and 50 minutes flight to Chennai. It was a 2 by 4 by 2 plane which made the faff over seating arrangements quite tricky.


While sitting with Doron and Dylan we managed to watch films, play games, have a chat and take a small nap which we soon discovered much to our disbelief had only been 2 hours with 6 to go. Soon after we were handed a plane meal which consisted of green beans and rice and a green curry with a bread roll and some pickled mango. This wasn’t to most people’s likings (especially Maddies) so she tucked into her bread roll and salad  whilst Dylan scoffed her curry for her. After a long queue for the toilet, an in-depth viewing of each-others camera rolls and a few rounds of Mario kart, we had arrived.


Boarder control gave us a tricky time and mounds of questions as-well as a dirty look or two, but after this we were finally ready to step into Chennai! We were shocked by the heat and how heavy the air felt but this was soon forgotten after we hopped on the air conned party bus! Half an hour on this disco journey took us to our stay at the first convent. It was 3 am when we arrived at the convent and we were greeted with open arms and a lovely welcome of biscuits, toast and tea. After a munch and a nice catch up with the sister we headed off to bed. (Granted there wasn’t much sleep going on for many rooms). A nice lie in had us with a 10 am start. A lovely arrangement  of Dosa(a pancake sort of thing), bacon, sausages and cereal had us ready for the day ahead, our first day in Chennai.  


-Freya and Maddie

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