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COVID-19 Announcements & Advice

Managing Covid and other respiratory infections


The key underlying public health message for respiratory illnesses including COVID-19 and flu is that if someone is too unwell to attend school or work and carry out their normal activities or if they have a raised temperature, they shouldn't be in the setting. They should stay at home until they are well enough to return.

Most people no longer have access to COVID-19 tests but, if they do and they test positive for COVID-19, then the current NHS advice is to try and stay at home for five days (three days for children) after the first positive test result. After this time, they can return even if they have a positive test result, if they are well enough.

If your child has tested positive and is feeling well enough to complete college work, they can access the Emmaus work set on the student shared area.

Student Shared Library

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