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Eco Council

Who are we?

The group is made up of all year groups from across the College. We are like-minded in our concern for the environment and the impact that Climate Change is having on our world. Although we have a shared concern, what is apparent is how there are so many different specific concerns within the group. Some may be interested in the impact of litter, another of single-use plastic, another of pollution, etc. Together we work at tackling as many issues as we possibly can, within the time allowed.

What do we do?

The Council meet each week and work together on various initiatives that we feel most important at that current time. For instance, the UN Climate Action Summit in New York on 23rd September meant our attention and effort was focused on the School Strike of 20th September.

However, we work on reducing single-use plastic and encourage reusable bottles as well as effective recycling of plastic bottles. This then led to the knock-on concern of accessing drinkable water within College, hence a lobby for water fountains across the College site. This is one of our more recent successes.

Each week an Eco Tip is provided to the College staff and students via newsletters. Regularly articles are included in the newsletter of things we have each been involved in that is considered newsworthy. These range from our visiting London as part of the Climate Change Lobby organised by CAFOD, Christian Aid, and the like; a visit to the Macclesfield MP, David Rutley, who has also accepted our invitation to visit our College on the 4th October, we also met with Jeremy Corbyn MP and were able to challenge him on views surrounding the Labour parties ideas to tackle Climate Change. Also though, we celebrate the individual accomplishments, for instance, of Ben Patten and his family who have achieved a plastic-free bathroom (including the toothpaste!).

The work we do is all voluntary and considered to be so important to all of our neighbours around the world. In support of this we work with other schools in the area and meet monthly to work on shared initiatives together. We have built great links with these schools and continue to build with them on making Macclesfield more sustainable.

Where we meet?

Each Monday, break 1, A5, please join us and see if it is something you would like to be a part of.

What are we currently working on?

The bigger projects we are working on is trying to gain Green Flag status for the College, proper and effective recycling across the College site and safer cycling to College. All these demand liaising with other organisations and demands commitment and effective negotiations. If you feel you can help, please get in touch.

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