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Getting Careers Advice

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My name is Joanne Green and I work as a Careers Adviser at The Changing Education Group. We work in Partnership with  many schools and colleges across Cheshire. I will be visiting school every Tuesday, delivering advice and guidance meetings and producing individualised action plans for students. I can provide information, advice and guidance and explore ideas about post 16 options, subject choices, university and decision making around careers. I have been a qualified Careers Adviser for 17 years and during this time I have provided advice and guidance to young people and adults of all ages and have also worked in apprentice recruitment.

If you would like to arrange a Careers Meeting, please speak to Mrs Mullaney.

What to expect from your Careers interview with Joanne

  • A chance to think and talk about your plans for the future.

  • The chance to talk about your plans for after year 11 and the sort of career you would like.

  • You may be asked questions about what you like doing in and outside of school.

  • If you have a career in mind you may be asked to think about the skills and abilities you need for this.

  • Joanne will be able to tell you about helpful websites for researching your ideas.

What you can do before your Interview

  • Think about possible career ideas.

  • List some things that interest you.

  • List your skills and abilities (the things you are good at)

  • Write down any questions you want to ask

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