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India Immersion Day 3

Ancient ruin, beach and overnight train. 


Sunday 22nd October

Today, we got up at 6am to join the sisters at Mass. Everything was going fine until Kat nearly fainted from the heat. We went for breakfast after and Kohta and I made huge sandwiches of egg, bacon and sausage. We felt so stuffed after. Then we took the bus to the statues from the 6th and 7th century. Maddie and I took many photos with the local girls. We also met Jung Kook(Kohta), who sweated more than a Fortnite kid. Went around to 2 other  ancient architectures. After, we went to the sea to cool off where Miss Garvey started the onslaught of dunking each other by flooring Doron in the sea. Absolute mayhem unfolded, ending with me on top of him in the water... The bus ride to the craft market was very wet, Doron and Freya had spare clothes but all of us others had to suffer. At the market, we walked around for an hour and everyone gravitated to the glass blower. Admittedly, Maddie and I were a little late to him so missed the elephant stirrers. We all headed back afterwards, leading to a mad scramble for the showers. For dinner, we had pizza and egg dosa which was heavenly. We filled ourselves as much as possible, thinking ahead to the overnight train. Kohta and I had about the same as all the girls combined. After letting us digest the food, we went to the station, keeping our bags close to our chests. It was a bit of a mess for our beds, as we were sharing cubicles with other people. To be honest, the beds were not that bad but the AC was exceedingly cold.



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