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India Immersion Day 4

From. Chennai to Varasanadu via Theni. 1 epic journey 


Monday 23rd October

Day 3 ended with a journey on the overnight train, which was quite the experience! We slept in bunk beds,6 per cabin.  We had to share the compartments with random strangers however I think they regretted that one quite quickly! Whilst others slept we reduced our talk to a whisper but got little sleep! The toilet was an  experience, literally a hole in the floor of the train which smelled really awful.  Mr Beesley took one for the team, his bed right next to the loo. (Not  really he just wants you to think the trip to India was more arduous than it actually was!)

While the train was not quite the Orient Express it certainly beats the last train from Piccadilly to Macc on a Saturday night. 


We arrived at Madurai station at around 5.30am then travelled a 2 further hours to get to the school in Theni. Once we arrived we were well and truly shattered. The Sisters welcomed us with puja ceremony and put bindi on our foreheads, we had drinks and food. (Perhaps you recognise an emerging pattern?  Eat , don’t sleep and lots of travel!) 


We had a chilled few hours and then ventured through the school to a yoga session. We had a very relaxing session working on our breathing and doing a traditional full body yoga exercise. 

In the afternoon we had lunch and spent a while sorting all of donations from the college. We had 6 tables full, thank-you to all who donated.


We then travelled to the clinic in Varasanadu. Once again a long drive around 2hrs. We were welcomed by the children  from the village and the Sisters. We played games with the children, teaching them the Macarena and the Hokey Cokey.  Then the children gave us a welcome performance, 

Reading poems, singing, dancing and performing a very impressive mime act. Then it was out turn!!!! Doron with his  dance skills  performed a well known Indian dance. The hi light was definitely our attempt at a Macarena to ‘Worth it’. 10/10 for improvisation. We handed out the gifts to all the children and they left with handfuls of toys and pens and huge smiles on their faces. 


Dinner  was lovely curry and chapatti which was delicious. We then settled down for the evening, playing card games on the roof of All Hallows clinic and then relocating into the dorm when the rains came. All the girls stayed in the same room with Miss Garvey. Sorry you had to put up with us Miss!. Kohta and Miss Garvey finished off the day with an arm wrestle. I'll leave it up to you to work out the winner😆

Then the girls finished off with ghost stories in the dark. I wonder who came up with that idea? Miss????


Thanks for reading, Issie.

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