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India Immersion Day 6

Dressed to impress! And a letter from home.


Wednesday 25th October

Today, we woke up ready to teach the children in school. However a disaster occurred when me and Dylan walked into our class. We expected children in year 3 but we were welcomed by children in the year below. What we didn’t realise was that their English was very developed and that they has skills of counting to 1000. Mine and Dylan’s original idea was destroyed however we did our best to come up with something on the spot that would actually be a challenge for them. We were supposed to teach the children how to read the time and multiplication but were forced to teach shapes and the classic heads shoulders knees and toes. After teaching the children, we were called to an assembly where the children sang and danced to welcome us.


When assembly ended we couldn’t wait to start playing kabaddi, which was like a mixture of rugby and tag with no balls involved, our main goal was to touch as many people on the other side and come back to your own half, without being taken out or pushed out. Doron, Dylan and I played aggressively and at the start Dylan’s shirt was ripped open, with buttons now missing. As the children realised I was the best Doron and Dylan went on the same team and I was ganged up on. Some girls from our group joined the game and Tilly and Freya were tagged by Doron in a flash. The children called me cute and beautiful and decided to name me Jung Kook. They cheered me on while playing kabaddi by chanting BTS. I had a great time, however Doron and I were drenched in sweat and we had to eat dinner without a shower attracting all the mosquitos.


After our lunch we went to buy veshties and sarees. Due to the amount spent we were able to give the sister the large pans given. When we came back we had a little break before our dinner. We were too excited to wait to try our veshties so we tried it on and admired ourselves before getting changed for dinner.


After dinner we all changed into our outfits and met at the dining room where the tables were moved out the way so we could dance. The sisters and Doron showed us how to dance to the music. When we returned to our rooms all sweaty and tired we found letters at our doorsteps. Some tears were shed amongst the students from their parents’ emotional letters.



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