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India Immersion Day 8

Friday 27th October
Today we woke up to a rough start on the night train at 7:45. A few of us were feeling so rough that we were desperate enough to use the train toilets!!! After a bit of waiting we got off at Chennai and headed for the Church Park convent to see the Sisters again. We were greeted with a lovely welcome back and a breakfast of toast, bacon, sausage and eggs which Dylan and Kohta decided to turn into a mountain of destruction which they surprisingly managed to obliterate.


After freshening up in our rooms and a much needed nap for some of us, we headed to the Sacred Heart school to speak with some of the students there around our age and some younger. It was nice to chat to people our own age about the difference in the options they can choose and the rounds of the school ended with a few of us singing “believer” by imagine dragon to a younger class of students who were eager to join in! Then we were introduced to the college students by saying all of our names (Mr Beesley’s introduction made a good laugh, ‘Hi I’m Tim’).


They said they would all be doing our hennas and they got to work. The woman doing mine made a beautiful design and even added a bride! However it must have been hard for her as I was laughing so much my hand was shaking due to Maddies design next to me which looked like she had dipped her fingers in henna. Doron also got baited out by one of the students who told everyone about his design which was the letter F in a heart. Mr Beesley even got a cute teddy bear on his hand. Then we went to the Menora House which is the headquarters for the Presentation Sisters. We had samosas, Halva and drinks whilst getting to chat to the Sisters about our time in India and the Varasanadu clinic. 

We went to our rooms for a while and scraped off our henna before being called down for a ride in a tuktuk. (Driving on Indian roads is not for the weak). After a slow start and stalling the tuktuk, sir finally managed to get going and drove around the car park himself. Then we had a lovely a dinner and went back to rest after the busy day. While the teachers had a nosy game of Taco, Cat …


Freya and Doron.

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