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Lead Practitioner Accreditation

Building networks, embedding best practice, creating impact

All Hallows is delighted to have been nationally recognised as one of the first SSAT Lead Practitioner Learning Centres in the UK. All Hallows will play a leading role in recruiting aspirant SSAT Lead Practitioners within the North West and Midlands.

What can we offer you?

  • Expert training and support to encourage and enable applicants to be successfully accredited.

  • Advice on how to set up an LP programme in your school.

  • Ideas for integrating the LP accreditation with your whole school professional development programme, performance appraisal and school improvement.

  • Processes for selecting suitable candidates and help with the application process.

  • Open LP training programmes, harnessing and developing a community of collaborative learners.


What does it cost?

Costs are available on enquiry.

With the current emphasis on developing school networks to support schools, it is important that the support is provided by expert practitioners who have developed the skills to inspire, guide and support colleagues. Lead Practitioners have the skills and expertise not only to be excellent practitioners, but to lead the learning of colleagues within their own school or across the range of networks, a quality too often overlooked when school to school support programmes are established. Lead practitioner Learning Centres, such as All Hallows, will help develop Lead Practitioners, validating their expertise

through the SSAT LP Accreditation.

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