Message from the Principal - 17 August 2020

Dear Student, Parent or Carer,

As you may be aware, the Government and Ofqual have, this afternoon, announced a change in the way that A Level & GCSE grades are being awarded for 2020. The statement from the Chair of Ofqual states that 'After reflection, we have decided that the best way to do this is to award grades on the basis of what teachers submitted.' This means that all students will receive the A Level or GCSE Centre-Assessed Grade (CAG), submitted by their school or College. For the very small number of students who received a higher calculated grade than the one submitted by their school, they will receive the higher grade. The full statement can be found at:

We issued CAGs to all Year 13 students last Thursday, along with the calculated grades from their exam boards. There is further clarification and information to come from Ofqual, but in the meantime, if any student was rejected by either of their Universities, based on the calculated grades they received, we would encourage them to contact the University again, with their CAG. If anyone requires support with this, please contact Mrs Garvey at 

This announcement is very good news indeed, and it is what have been lobbying for. Congratulations to all Year 13 students on your hard-work, commitment and achievement, and we look forward to seeing Year 11 students on Thursday. 

T Beesley