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Day 1 and 2 India February 2020

Day 1 and 2 India February 2020 After several long hours of travelling we’d finally arrived at the early hours of Saturday morning in Chennai, India! Currently feeling very rough and tired, we embarked through the chaotic traffic on a very questionable bus to the convent where we all made the executive descion that we most definitely would be having a late start to upcoming day-simply put we all just wanted a ‘lie-in’! Waking up feeling somewhat refreshed, we officially began our Saturday with ‘Brunch’ and relaxed about for a bit until we set off again on up to St Thomas’ Mount. There we saw some stunning views of Chennai itself and also had the chance to visit the Children’s orphanage. Seeing all the abandoned babies and children there was a truly heartbreaking experience making us all realise how lucky we are to have the loving  families we do, so of course we were all excited when we were given the opportunity to play and bond with some of toddlers and see their little faces light up with joy whilst giving them a few of the gifts from home. Sadly parting from the children, we went to have a quick visit at St Thomas’ tomb and then finally made our way back to the convent where some first experienced the debatable showers (a bucket of water chucked over our heads) We had a very early (and uncomfortable with some of us waking up with a fair few mosquito bites) start to Sunday, beginning with a 7am mass followed by a visit to the local teacher training school. We discovered that the girls studying there were the same age if not younger than us which was very eye-opening. They performed cultural dances for us and we showed them our attempt at the well-known ‘Cup Song’ and ‘Cha-Cha Slide’ finishing off with playing some games. We then spent afternoon tea with the sisters and headed to a shopping centre, haggling for the cheapest prices where ever possible. Ending the day in high spirits, we took a trip to the beach and had their version of dominoes ordered for us. It was delicious! Rhea and Caitlin.


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