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Research and Development

The Romero Teaching School Alliance is continually striving to improve the learning experiences for young people in our schools.

We actively encourage teacher research and the development of outstanding pedagogical practice.

We use the SSAT Lead Practitioner Accreditation programme to foster a research-based profession and we encourage teachers in the alliance to undertake small scale research to trial new methods and to disseminate good practice.

The alliance hosts an annual Teacher Learning Conference, which is well attended by all partners. Teachers present their research findings to their peers at the conference.

Schools are encouraged to develop clear career related expectations, a professional development journey for teachers and to embed reflective practice in performance appraisal processes.

Every year the alliance seeks funding for DfE research and development projects and in addition commissions projects of its own in strategically agreed areas.

The alliance produces its own professional journal, Pedagogy Exchange (PedEX) which shares good practice and disseminates information about Research and Development. Click here for current copy and archives.

If you are interested in undertaking research and development through the Lead Practitioner accreditation programme please contact our Director of Teaching School, Jo Pridding. Click here to RTSA enquiry form.

Useful Links

Becoming a Lead Practitioner – Click Here



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