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About School to School Support

All Hallows was designated as a National Support School in 2013 when the Principal became a National Leader of Education. An extensive track record of providing support to schools was a significant factor in paving the way to becoming a National Teaching School in 2016. Requests for school to school support frequently come from Catholic and Anglican Diocese, the Co-operative College, and Local Authorities all of whom want All Hallows’ distinctive values and approach to embedding school improvement.

Designated Teaching Schools both offer and broker support for schools following a needs analysis. Schools may require support as a result of underperformance in a given area, a decline in results or following a disappointing Ofsted. They may simply feel the time is right for a new vision, refreshment and renewal. Perhaps they want to stay ahead in changing and challenging times.

School to School Support is provided by the Teaching School itself, or a Strategic Partner, in the Romero Teaching Schools Alliance. Through well-established relationships with other Alliances we can also sign post you to the most appropriate source of support.

All Hallows offers empathetic support developed from its own expertise and learning journey from Special Measures to twice outstanding (2011, 2014). The second Ofsted outstanding judgment validates the view that All Hallows has built a sustainable model of school improvement which can be shared with other schools.

Three types of support are on offer

  1. An aspect of whole school development, leadership or management (NLE / Senior Leader)

  2. Teaching and Learning (SSAT National TEEP Champion Centre Trainers and Coaches)

  3. Subject or Pastoral Support (NCTL Specialist Leaders of Education or SSAT accredited Lead Practitioners)

Further details of these forms of support are given below as examples only of what can be offered. A request for support always involves a meeting to scope the work, which is then tailored to meet the specific needs of the school.

About our School Support Services Offer


Our whole school improvement model uses the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme [TEEP] and has FIVE KEY PRINCIPLES OR PHASES. Click here for further details

All Hallows has successfully supported a large number of schools using this model, in both the primary and secondary phases, since 2013.

For a list of supported schools and testimonials click here.

For a list of our partners, click here


All Hallows’ Principal, as a National Leader of Education works with members of the Senior Team to provide whole school support and guidance as required:

  • executive / interim leadership

  • using school self-evaluation for improvement

  • target setting, assessment and use of data

  • improving teaching and learning

  • leadership support, reviews and development

  • leader mentoring and coaching

  • post Ofsted action planning

Pen portraits of NLE/Senior Leaders Click Here.


All Hallows uses the TEEP framework for whole school training. The programme has been further developed into a model for improving the effectiveness of the leadership and management of teaching and learning. The College is the SSAT National TEEP Champion School and has access to large number of TEEP trainers and coaches who can support school wide development of teaching and learning. Support can be provided as follows:

  • Whole school training (TEEP Level 1)

  • Coaching and mentoring (TEEP Level 2)

  • Train the trainer (TEEP Level 3)

  • Embedding and sustaining a whole school approach to teaching and learning (TEEP Plus – All Hallows Improvement Model)

  • Developing career related expectations and performance appraisal

  • Providing a teacher learning framework of high value.


Support is provided by Specialist Leaders of Education and SSAT Accredited Lead Practitioners and includes:

  • subject reviews

  • teaching standards

  • programmes of study, schemes of work, assessment

  • subject knowledge enhancement for non-specialists

  • raising achievement planning / closing the gap

  • effective use of data for intervention


We have also have retained attendance, behavior and welfare consultants able to assist schools with strategies for addressing issues of attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

Pen portraits of SLEs and LPs – Click here

How to Make a Request for Support

Please complete the Enquiry Form – Click here

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