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  • Aspire - India 2020

    To see the new Aspire - India 2020 Magazine for 2020 please click here.

  • India Student Experiences

    .- Izzy Cains The thing in remember the most was going to Varasanadu and seeing a traditional Indian despite having so little always seemed to be smiling.- Orlagh The best experience I had whilst being in India The enthusiasm and intelligence of the children was mind blowing and the appreciation they had for us Saris and to a supermarket and the fun we had together as a group was great. - Izzy Cook The whole India -Rhea Jegge Understanding the poverty and hardships that many of those we visit in India suffer from

  • Day 1 and 2 India February 2020

    Day 1 and 2 India February 2020 After several long hours of travelling we’d finally arrived at the early hours of Saturday morning in Chennai, India!

  • Day 8 India Saturday 22nd February 2020

    Our final blog..... The crafts village was a celebration of the diverse and intricate cultures that thrive in India from We saw traditional Indian tribal dances, and old Indian artefacts from around the country. We saw traditional craftsmen at work, carving stone, blowing glass or engraving dried palm leaves.

  • Day 7 India Friday 21st February 2020

    Good evening everyone and welcome to the best blog of the whole India trip.

  • Day 5 India Wednesday 19th February 2020

    signed the guest book and flipped back to 2017 and 2015 to see the messages of the students who came to India

  • Day 6 India Thursday 20th February 2020

    This consisted of egg sausages and an Indian pancake which went really well with banana. We then had dinner kindly cooked by the sisters, of chicken soup, noodles, an Indian fish finger type

  • Day 4 India Tuesday 18th February 2020

    Piling on our rucksacks, we got onto the disco bus for another crazy experience on the Indian roads. When we reached our destination, and finally woke up again, we were greeted with a traditional Indian The enthusiasm and intelligence of the students was mind blowing! was then time for the students to show us how good they were at a complicated (for us) traditional Indian

  • Day 3 India Monday 17th February 2020

    After breakfast, we were invited to an Anglo Indian school to watch their fantastic sports day.

  • Year 12 Blog Week 1

    Hello and Welcome to our first blog post.

  • Year 10 Blog Week 1

    Hello and Welcome to our first blog post.

  • Year 9 Blog Week 1

    Hello and Welcome to our first blog post.

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