Art & Design - Fine Arts

Course Name Art & Design: Fine Art

Exam board and qualification: EDUQAS

Text Book: N/A

If available online link to it (CLA): Not currently available

Recommended Reading

‘This Is Modern Art’, Matthew Collins (2000)

‘Art Now’, various editions

Relevant Websites

Search Art and find those of interest

Distance learning sites: N/A

Distance learning sites: Not applicable

Youtube / videos


‘Age Of The image’ on BBC iplayer

‘Grayson’s Art Club’ on All 4


Watch the video link to the meeting between Peter Blake and Damien Hirst

Research Peter Blake’s Artwork.  You may also be interested in Damien Hirsts’ work or Artists from the YBA group (Young British Artists)

Start to collect objects of interest to you. 

Make groupings and take photos from different angles and lighting using a camera or mobile phone

Practice drawing skills by producing observational drawings of your objects of interest on their own or in groups. 

Collect images of interest and make collage composition.