BTEC Information Technology

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BTEC National Award in Information Technology

Completing the following work will help you get an initial understanding of the content that you will be expected to both understand and implement either in a controlled assessment or an exam.

Website development


  1. You may often see “Web 2.0” or “Web 3.0” referring to web technologies. To better understand the evolution of website technology, produce a timeline with annotations showing the evolution of the internet from “Web 1.0” to the arrival of “Web 4.0”


  1. The design of a website can often be based on mathematical theory. Research what each of the following are when referring to the design of a website.


  1. Golden ratio

  2. Fibonacci design

  3. SINE design

  4. Kundli design


  1. What is Search engine optimisation? Why should web designers be aware of it?

Social Media in Business


  1. The recent Facebook / Cambridge Analytica affair caused uproar in the UK. Most people do not understand what actually happened. In no more than 500 words explain what the scandal involved and how Facebook customers were affected.


  1. Social media advertisers target different groups of people, referring to them as target demographics. Explain what targeting demographics involves. Use suitable examples to illustrate your points.