Course Name: French

Exam board and qualification: Edexcel – A-level

Text Book: Hodder Edexcel A Level (includes AS) ISBN: 978-1471858161

If available online link to it (CLA): Please email Mrs Flatley for access

Recommended Reading: Start to browse online news websites like and (main two French newspapers).


If that’s proving difficult (which is will be), check out which is a website for English learners of French


If you are an avid reader, why not grab a French book?


This is a link to a book of short stories in French which have parallel translations in English alongside, great for just reading a bit in a foreign language.

Relevant Websites: BBC Bitesize.  Work through their range of new content watching the videos and answering questions.  Complete all grammar tasks so that GCSE grammar knowledge is well-embedded before the A-level course begins:

For other grammar, try


Distance learning sites: e.g. Seneca, Quizlet, Memrise, just to keep your vocab up.

Youtube / videos – Find a series that you enjoy watching in English and see if you can find this in French.  Many US series are dubbed in French e.g. Friends, the Simpsons etc. Improve your listening and comprehension skills by watching for a short time and seeing how well you could follow it.

Netflix/BBC/All4 – There are a number of series or films that are in French that you can watch is an up-to-date list of series on Netflix.

Tasks: Complete BBC Bitesize tasks as above, ensure that you are confident with all vocab in GCSE booklets and that you have completed as many tasks as you are able to from your GCSE grammar booklets.

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