Course Name: Geography

Exam board and qualification: Edexcel GCE

Text Book: Edexcel A level Geography Book 1 Third Edition Paperback – 27 May 2016

by Cameron Dunn (Author), Kim Adams (Author), David Holmes (Author), & 3 more


Recommended Reading: If you are into reading both fiction and non-fictions, why not try some Geographically themed books/magazines:

  • Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall – an insightful book which helps understanding how the physical geography impacts on political reality and really helps to understand how decisions of world leaders have been shaped by geography- a good introduction to Geopolitics

  • Geography Review Magazines: Subscribe for £40 and you will get 4 up to date magazines with articles that will be really relevant to the topics that you are studying.

  • Six Degrees by Mark Lynas – a scary walkthrough of the impacts of Climate Change as world temperatures increase by 1 degree through to 6 degrees.

  • Divided by Tim Marshall – his follow-up to Prisoners of Geography – a great book which explains how & why the world is becoming more divided and how countries are putting up barriers. Very relevant to events in Europe (Brexit), the US (Trump) and the Coronavirus situation.

Distance learning sites: Seneca Transition work – sent out SMHW, if you need a link to your class please email Miss Sandler

Geographical Documentaries:


There are some great geographical documentaries which will help develop your general geographical knowledge and understanding and help you see what an amazing world we live in.

The following are all available on IPLAYER:

Geography on NETFLIX, DVD or YOUTUBE:

  • Before the Flood- A film presented by Leonardo DiCaprio- exploring climate change and looking at what needs to be done today to prevent catastrophic disruption  

  • Our Planet Netflix Series- Explores how climate change impacts all living creatures

  • Blood Diamond – looks at the diamond trade in Sierre Leone

  • An Inconvenient Truth – follows Al Gore on the lecture circuit as he seeks to raise awareness about Climate Change.

  • + An Inconvenient Sequel





Water cycle and water security

  • Physics and Maths Tutor- Water Revision – A really good overview of what the course is about and some of the information you will learn next year.

  • Global water security  - some good links to other reading for the subject.

  • An introduction in to the Water Cycle

  • Water and Carbon Overview – a piece of work from the Royal Geographical Society that summarises the course

  • Geofile on Water Conflict in USA- look how conflicting demands for water can cause conflict on the Colorado

  • Good Website looking at different competing demands for water – variety of videos and resources to use.

  • Geofile on the Three Gorges Dam- look at how China has attempted to solve its water security.

Carbon and energy security




Migration, identity, and sovereignty


Regenerating Places


Physics and Maths Tutor- – A really good overview of what the course is about and some of the information you will learn next year.

Look at how Leeds has changed over time and how it will change more in the future.