Course Name: Sociology

Exam board and qualification: AQA A Level

Text Book: AQA A Level Sociology Book One by Robb Webb, Hal Westergard, Keith Trobe, Annie Townend.

If available online link to it (CLA): Please contact Mrs Morgan for the online text books.

Recommended Reading

Animal Farm / 1984 - George Orwell

Chavs - Owen Jones

Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

Distance learning sites: e.g Seneca



This link will take you to a great site which introduces some key sociological concepts and has little mini tests to complete along the way. Please complete all sections on the GCSE refresher and A Level taster sections. (Do not worry that is says GCSE refresher, we know you haven’t studied GCSE sociology and don’t need to have done do the A Level, but this section introduces you to some of the concepts studied at A Level).

Youtube / videos?

1) Any Louis Theroux (Netflix + BBC iPlayer)

2) Any Stacey Dooley Investigates (BBC iPlayer)

3) Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle- 2 episodes (BBC iPlayer)

4) Panorama documentaries (BBC iPlayer)

5) TED Talks-

6) Hello, Privilege - It's Me, Chelsea (Netflix)


1) Research the following key terms online and create a key terms glossary. If you are feeling creative try and come up with an image that will help you remember each one :

a) Sociology

b) Society

c) Culture

d) Norms

e) Values

f) Nature vs Nurture

g) Primary Socialisation

h) Secondary Socialisation

i) Achieved status

j) Ascribed status

k) Inequality

l) Gender

m) Social class

n) Ethnicity


p) Nuclear family

q) Single-parent family

r) Extended family

s) Reconstituted family




2) Follow this link

a) Type in your postcode or the name of your town

b) Look at the data for your area;

-What is the most common type of crime?

-What is the least common type of crime?

-Has there been any months in the last year where crime has risen/fallen?

-What are the most common outcomes of crimes in this area?

-Have a look around at all the different tabs and note down anything else of importance

-Search for different town- this could be where a family member or friend lives, or somewhere you have thought of off the top of your head! Compare the stats from this town with your hometown- are they different? Why might they be different?



3) Feminism is one of the main sociological theories we look at in relation to the different topics we study (education, family, beliefs in society, crime). In preparation for this, create a timeline of the major milestones of the Feminist movement by doing research of key historical milestones online. This can be really creative so make it colourful, add pictures etc. A good place to start might be in 1867- The London Society for Women’s Suffrage is formed to campaign for female suffrage. Try to make it specific to the UK but if something happened in another country you think is relevant to the UK movement it can be included. There is alot of key events in history so you don't need to include them all, but try to include ones that you think are most significant in the fight for gender equality.

When you have finished the timeline answer the following in your own words... Do you think that the feminist movement has achieved full equality between the sexes or is there still some way to go to achieve equality? This is purely your opinion, no right or wrong answers!