Course Name: Spanish

Exam board and qualification: Edexcel – A Level

Text Book: Edexcel A Level (includes AS) ISBN: 978 1 4718 5831 4

If available online link to it (CLA): Please email Mrs Flatley for access

Recommended Reading:


- Giles Tremlett has been The Guardian´s correspondent in Spain for over 20 years. His

   book “Ghosts of Spain” is a highly advisable compilation of articles to understand Spanish culture and 

   contemporary history from the view of a non-Spanish reader.


- News and articles from online versions of newspapers such as El País, El Mundo, El Diario or ABC


- Centro Virtual Cervantes is the Spanish Institute´s online platform. Some readings and

  activities to practice Spanish on:

Relevant Websites:




- Listen and watch short clips from the Spanish public broadcaster:


- News in slow Spanish: Short news and podcasts at variable speed: 




- GCSE Revision with BBC Bitesize. Work through their range of content and answer the task questions.

   Complete all grammar tasks so that GCSE grammar knowledge is well-embedded before the A-level

   course begins:


- Languages Online offers plenty of grammar and vocabulary activities for Years 12 & 13. You need to 

   click “AS activities” or “A2 activities”: 


- Centro Virtual Cervantes offers activities to reinforce grammar, vocabulary and reading. 

  Choose activities for “Nivel A2”:



Spanish News

Select language ‘español’ and then choose from a wide variety of News videos.

Follow the link to Video Noticias for three-minute news clips.

Spanish TV channel websites:

Choose from the menu for the topic area you are interested in and then browse for video clips:

For news, browse for videos at:

Click on the link to TV “en directo” (live) and you will be able to watch the channel on streaming video.

For celebrity gossip....

Click on “Perfiles de Famosos”

Spanish Radio on-line

Select a radio station from the list.

Easy listening music radio station for Spanish and English / American pop music. Spain.html

Selection of the most important radio channels


For reading;

The best place to start is the BBC’s languages web-pages. Choose the “reportajes” link to find articles from the former “Semanario Internet” with a variety of reading exercises. The articles are

archived into topic areas that relate to the AS and A level syllabus.

Some of them include audio clips so you can base your listening task on the same topic.

Spanish daily newspaper. The website gives you access to all of the day’s news articles.

Spanish daily newspaper. The website gives you access to the day’s news articles although you may require a subscription to view the majority of the articles in full.

On-line Spanish daily news.

On-line Spanish daily news.

Spanish football website with related articles.

Spanish celebrity gossip magazine. Subscription required to view some of the article

(archive news) (sport)

Distance learning sites: e.g. Seneca, Quizlet, Memrise, just to keep your vocab up.

Youtube / videos?


Netflix offers a range of the most recent series in Spanish with English subtitles: “Money heist”, “Elite”, “House of flowers”, “Cable Girls”, “Locked up”.


Radio Garden offers access to virtually any radio station in the World, including Spanish and South American ones:


Film: El Laberinto del Fauno by Guillermo del Toro. Watch it in Spanish with the English subtitles then watch it again with the Spanish subtitles!



Complete BBC Bitesize tasks as above, ensure that you are confident with all vocab in GCSE booklets and that you have completed as many tasks as you are able to from your GCSE grammar booklets.

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