Arts, Crafts & Design - Textiles and 3D Product Design

Course Name Art & Design: Art, Craft & 3D Design

Exam board and qualification: EDUQAS

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Students are asked to create a 10 page (5 double sided page) sketchbook/design folder and produce work for each of the pages from a set of tasks.



Make a 10 page book (this could be 5 double sided pages (from whatever materials you like. It can range in size from A5 – A3 and should be bound or contained in some way (i.e. Not loose leaves). It should have a cover, which can be decorated or made from a different material than the rest of the book. Product Design students could consider how the book is constructed


The book must be handmade and not bought and then adapted!! You should complete work for each page based upon the following starting points:


  1. Front Page – create a page that reflects you and the design styles you are interested in e.g. Textiles, Product Design, Fashion, 3D Design.

  2. Create an image that explains your reasons for choosing this subject

  3. Without copying their work, create an image/design that shows who your favourite artist / designer / photographer is

  4. Describe a piece of work you have seen in a gallery, exhibition or display

  5. Create an image of something that has grown old/image of a product that has changed over time

  6. Create an image of something that changes/image of a product that adapts

  7. Create an image of a collection of objects that you cherish

  8. Make something 3D

  9. Use a new material

  10. Describe what you have learnt from this process


The purpose of this process is to enable us to understand your creative approach to a problem. It is therefore essential that you give each of the tasks a great deal of thought. There is certainly no right or wrong way to approach this and you should give consideration to what we mean by ‘Create’ ‘Describe’ ‘Make’ ‘Use’.


This work will need to be presented in your first lesson in the subject when you start in September.


The brief is intentionally broad to allow you to demonstrate your ideas in your own way. It is advisable to create a theme that flows through your book e.g. the same font, all Black and White images, the same layout on each page. You can use photography, stitch, collage, model in 3D, draw, paint, or combine all of these things! There is no right or wrong. Use the reading links to find inspiration on how to present your book and create a style/theme.


Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in September!!

Email if you are unsure