Forthcoming Trips & Visits

Information Regarding Trips at All Hallows

Trips are often run by teachers to help deliver an aspect of the curriculum and also for extra curricular and enrichment reasons. As a result they often change and the same trips may not run each year. This list is not guaranteed and may change, but you will hopefully get an idea of what may be available so you can make an informed choice. Trips may also depend on what subjects our students take at each key stage.

Modern Foreign Languages run a Key Stage 3 (Year 7/8) Taste of France trip that costs approximately £400.

They have also run trips in Key Stage 4 (Year 9,10 and 11) to Malaga in Spain (£300 approx), Barcelona (£450 approx) as well as the French and German student exchanges (£450 each approx). MFL have run these trips in the last 2 years and envisage running them, or similar trips, in the future.

We have an annual ski trip to a European destination that looks likely to be bi-annual from now onwards with the next one in February or April 2015. These trips cost in the region of £800.

The sixth form students get the opportunity of an enrichment trip annually, either to New York or to Rome (although future destinations may differ). These cost around £550 for Rome and £900 for New York.

Religious Education run a sixth form retreat at a cost of £120 approx as well as Year 8/10 retreats at a cost of £95/£170 respectively. These RE retreats differ in cost due to the number of nights away and their location.

English, in the sixth form, also run a residential trip to Bronte country for their literature students

History run a KS4 Belgium battlefields trip (£400 approx) and a KS4 Berlin at a cost of £350 approx.

Geography have also run trips abroad in the past at a similar price.

Other trips may be linked to specific subject areas, for example:

Art, Design and Technology have run day trips to a museums (£7-£10 costs) and to local factories (£10 cost) and have an Art residential trip to North Wales at a cost of £200 approx for Year 10 student.

Business Studies/ICT have taken students on day trips to Chester Zoo and Cadburys World and on overseas residential trips in the past, but these are planned around demand and the curriculum. Such day trips usually cost in the region on £10-£20 and the overseas comparable with previous ones mentioned.

Drama and English often run theatre trips at a cost of £10-£20.

Science has plans for a trip to Switzerland this summer at a cost of £315 and an annual Biology residential at £120 approx cost.

Other departments may decide to run future day/residential trips that will be publicised nearer the time.