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India Immersion Day 9

Saturday 28th October 2023

As the trip was coming to an end,  our final day was rather a relaxing one. We all got up for breakfast as usual, drinking Sprite, Appy Fizz or Fanta ( which we have for breakfast, lunch and tea - the waters not safe to drink!!!). After our breakfast we all decided to head up to Loyola College (equivalent to a university in the UK) and take a look around. It was a scorcher of a day so we were rather excited to enter classrooms with AC as well as looking at the various courses including: Film Production, Broadcasting, FM Radio, Computer Science and Drama. Everyone was intrigued by the Film production. Especially when we took unique photographs in front of the  Green screen. Some including muscle flexing and funky poses. Great laugh!

Later on in the day, after browsing the campus, we all headed back to Spencers.


Further buying items such as elephant pants, scarves, tops, hats, necklaces etc.. Just before leaving Spencers with gifts galore. The boys took off their over shirts to reveal matching BTS t shirts which had been an ongoing joke for the whole of the trip. Quite a lot of other shoppers found it rather amusing too! Haha 

Lunch today was at McDonalds which in a predominantly Hindu country was an experience - no beef!!!


At around 6pm everyone headed towards the church where Farther Anthony gave a lovely Mass full of passion and enthusiasm. Sharing readings from Exodus and Thessalonians. The gospel reminded of Jesus command that ‘We love one another’. This week has certainly given us the opportunity to do this.  This enlightened us for our journey home. 


Once at the airport we made our way to immigration control. This wasn’t as swift as we thought it would be as we all got denied exit of the country by the Indian Boarder Control Force. We still don’t know why!?However, after an hour or so of interrogations  and waiting at around (12:50) they decided to eventually let us go through. At least we managed to board on time ( even if we were the last ones!)


11 or so hours of flight later. It’s safe to say that everyone had an eventful trip. Taking home lots of wonderful memories and quite a few ripped pants. It really has been a cracking experience. A massive thank you to Mrs Garvey for organising this and to Mr Beesley (aka Tim!), Mrs Needham, Miss Wood, Miss Metheringham and Sister Susan for giving up your time to accompany us on this ‘journey’.



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