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How the Trust Works


Our Multi-Academy Trust is governed by a Trust Board, in which each member school is a co-equal partner. The trust has delegated autonomy and decision-making down to each member-school’s Local Governing Body, preserving the freedoms of academy status for each school whilst opening up opportunity for joint decisions where they are deemed to be beneficial.


The purpose of the Trust is to compliment the work of the All Hallows Learning Community and build on its successes to further enhance collaboration and sustain a strong partnership between members of our family of Church schools.   The Trust works alongside the All Hallows Learning Community family of schools and will explore some more joint staff appointments to support a range of activities from family support to finance, chaplaincy and attendance.


We have a vision for Catholic education that goes beyond our individual schools and changes our perceptions from ‘my’ school, to ‘our’ schools

The Trust allows us to strengthen the work we all do together in providing a world class Catholic education for all the families within our localities and parishes. Staff and governors work together to provide the best for our young people in all our schools throughout their education.  The bonds formed between our schools enable a seem-less faith learning journey of excellence in Christian education from the early years, through the key stages right the way through to the age of 18 at All Hallows Catholic College.


The challenge for us all is how we can share our gifts and talents to ensure that education for all of our children is outstandingly holistic as we seek to nurture and challenge our young people to become the best persons that God has created them to be.


The Board of Directors has overall strategic responsibility for all the schools in the Trust and are further by a Local Governing Body which is in place at each academy. 


One of the founding principles of our trust is subsidiarity; that all decisions are made at the most appropriate level, rather than being imposed from above. In practice, therefore the key to the work of the Trust is our Headteachers Group. The Headteachers of all four Trust academies meet on a regular basis, as a sub-group of the wider learning community known as the All Hallows Learning Community. As well as sharing good practice, they offer mutual support and development, peer review and develop and oversee the implementation of Trust wide policies.

Local Governing Bodies

Each school has a Local Governing Body (LGB) with Governors appointed by the Diocese or elected by parents and staff. They oversee the strategic direction of each academy and scrutinise standards, finance and admissions.  Governors work with staff to continually monitor and develop the academies achievements and direction as outlined in each Academy Development Plan.

Trust Directors, Board, Employees

The Trust Directors meet as a Board supported by Trust Finance and Audit committees. They receive regular updates on progress within all the schools and have overall legal responsibility for standards, finance and admissions. They work closely with the Principal’s Group, [all/many] of whom are Trust Directors.Everyone who works in one of our Academies is an employee of The Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic Academy Trust and the Directors are responsible for developing and ensuring implementation of policies across all our academies to support this. The work of the whole Trust is underpinned by and focused on our Christian values as understood in the Catholic tradition.

First and foremost we are a Catholic Trust and our role is to provide and safeguard the future of a World Class Catholic Christian education to all the young people within our area. The Directors are responsible for the strategic direction which drives this forward.

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