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Parent Pay

All Hallows Catholic College is cashless
Lunch Arrangements

We have teamed up with Innovate, our catering partners and ParentPay, to create a cashless restaurant. Students and staff use either their biometric print or a 6-digit PIN number to purchase meals in the restaurant. This is convenient, safe and fast, helping us to make sure that all students can make the most of their breaks, instead of spending time queuing.


Parents/Carers will top up their child’s ParentPay account through the ParentPay website. The system is very user friendly and payments sent online are received in College instantly. We also use the ParentPay website for trip payments.


Students can purchase a meal which suits their individual requirements. Portions are individually priced and a meal deal may be purchased for £2.35. Students may bring a packed lunch and dining facilities are made available for them. All Year 7 to 11 students stay on the College site, without exception, at lunchtimes.


Biometrics - Printing & Cashless Payments

The College uses biometrics for its ‘Follow Me Printing’ system and for cashless payments in the College Shop and Café. Each child will be registered with your consent. If you do not consent to your child’s biometric data being taken, they will be issued with a PIN which they can use to pay.


The system uses an image of the fingerprint to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the fingerprint. Only the numbers remain and these cannot be reinterpreted back into the fingerprint.


Follow Me Printing

Students and staff use their biometric print or PIN number to collect their printing from any of the printers located around the College.  It is linked to their computer account and allows them to print anywhere and at any time in the College.  We use this system to help monitor and reduce waste printing in the College.


Free College Meals

If your child is entitled to a free meal, their entitlement will automatically transfer to this College. Their ParentPay account will be topped up automatically each day with the FSM entitlement - £2.30 at present. Using biometrics and PINs means that there is greater anonymity for free school meal students as there are no tokens to collect and they ‘pay’ for their meals in exactly the same way as everybody else.


We also use ParentPay for trip payments. We ask all parents to log on to their ParentPay account, where they can select the trip they want and pay with credit or debit card. The facility is very similar to online shopping – you add the trip to your basket and simply checkout. ParentPay does not hold any bank details.

Online payments are much more convenient and can be done 24/7.



If you are unable to pay online, we can offer a PayPoint facility, where the Finance team can print off a trip letter including a barcode to be taken to your local PayPoint shop. Please bear in mind that PayPoint transactions can take up to 48 hours to show on our system.


A PayPoint card can also be provided for meals as a more permanent measure. Your first PayPoint card is free, but any replacements will come at a charge of £3.00. By logging onto your ParentPay account, you will be able to see a history of all payments, including any made using the PayPoint facility.


I already have a ParentPay account

If you already have a ParentPay account, you don’t need to set up a new one. If you login to your existing account, you will see a tab towards the top right of the screen called ‘Add a Child’. If you click on this and then enter the additional login details you have, all your children will be on the same account.


This applies if all of your children attend All Hallows Catholic College or if they are at other local schools (primary and secondary) that also use ParentPay.

Further information can be found on the College website, or by contacting the College

For any queries email:

Parent Pay

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