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Pastoral Support

The Principal is assisted in the planning and delivery of pastoral care at All Hallows by a team which includes the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Year Learning Leaders (YLLs), Form Tutors (FTs), Pastoral Intervention Lead (PIL), Pastoral Support Managers (PSMs), Educational Welfare Officer (EWO), Special Educational Needs Team (SEN) and a Family Support Worker (FSW). The wider Pastoral Team also has their own Pastoral Administrator.

Form Tutors are the first point of contact at the College and will deal with the majority of questions or concerns that may arise. For more serious issues, the Year Learning Leader is there to support you and your child both in terms of their academic progress and for any serious pastoral issues which may develop.

Please get in touch with your child’s Form Tutor or Year Learning Leader either by phone, e-mail, letter or a note.


The pastoral staff should be kept informed about illness, absence, dental or medical appointments, or any change in home circumstances.

Each Form Group has its own patron, including:

  • St Teresa of Avila [A]

  • St Ambrose Barlow [B]

  • St Margaret Clitherow [C]

  • St John Fisher [F]

  • St Thomas More [M]

  • Blessed John Henry Newman [N]

  • Saint Oscar Romero [R]

  • St Catherine of Siena [S]

  • St Margaret Ward (W)

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