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India Student Experiences

Student experiences: The thing I remember the most was seeing the real impact of the work done at the clinic with families who had not been able to have children for many years being present with their children who without the work done would not exist - James The thing I remember most was the difference in culture to the uk, everything from the tropical vegetation and mountains to the colourful architecture and noisy bustling roads created an atmosphere I had never witnessed before, and instantly fell in love with.- Nathan The thing I remember most was seeing all the children and how they welcomed us with their warming smiles. Also seeing the clinic that we’ve helped to build, showing me the impact our work has done and seeing the people we’ve helped will truly inspire me and I’ll never forget it.- Izzy Cains The thing in remember the most was going to Varasanadu and seeing a traditional Indian village and seeing how happy the children and the sisters in the village when they saw us at the clinic. Despite having very little (which I saw after walking around the village) they were still very cheery which really touched my heart and made me reflect on what is truly important.- Archy Ashton I think what I’ll remember most will be how the sisters, in Chennai, Theni and Varasanadu, all welcomed us into their homes and places of worship without hesitation. They took care of us from the moment we arrived until we left and even took the pins out of their own saris to help us put on ours. I admired their selflessness and kindness that they gave to everyone including strangers. -Olivia The thing I will remember most is teaching the little 10 year olds in the school in Theni. They enjoyed seeing us so much, and were so enthusiastic about school and learning which made us feel welcome and privileged to have the opportunity to teach them. I was amazed at how much English they knew and how they were delighted whenever they saw us. -Caitlin The thing I will remember the most is watching the children’s sports day and how they were so enthusiastic to win for their team. The sisters were very attentive in giving us cold water and local Indian sweets it made us feel very welcome and privileged. - Joe One of the experiences I will remember the most will be seeing the village that Brother James had built for people in need. The amount of lives this has helped over the past years is amazing. Also, I will remember how happy and welcoming everyone we met was, especially in Varasanadu where despite having so little always seemed to be smiling.- Orlagh The best experience I had whilst being in India, was the day we got to teach in the school in Theni. The enthusiasm and intelligence of the children was mind blowing and the appreciation they had for us was absolutely amazing. It will be an experience I never forget, making me appreciate the education I get back home. On this day we also went to buy Saris and to a supermarket and the fun we had together as a group was great. - Izzy Cook The whole India trip has been absolutely amazing and will definitely be an experience I will never forget. For me the best experience I had on the trip was visiting St Thomas’s Mount orphanage and giving the donations from All Hallows’ students to the children. The happy and excited looks on their faces made the whole trip worthwhile and showed how the things we take for granted can have such a huge impact on these children who have nothing. -Lottie Edwards I will remember the feeling I had when I got told that this boy called Ethibadi, who I got really close to when we went to Varasanadu, has no parents and is living by himself when he’s only 16. This makes me realise how lucky I am to have the family I do. He will always have a special place in my heart. - Kanta Sibbett Personally, its very difficult for me to choose my favourite part of the trip as it’s just been an amazing experience overall. However, I know I will never forget our time visiting the orphanage at St Thomas’ Mount. Giving the children all the presents donated from home and watching their little faces light up with joy was such a delight to see. I had so much fun playing with the children and it was heart-breaking when I saw one of them crying as we were just about to leave so couldn’t help myself but pick him up and give him a hug before we all left.-Rhea Jegge

Understanding the poverty and hardships that many of those we visit in India suffer from is an emotional experience. Yet the very fact that the children can remain full of joy and kindness is by far one of the greatest experiences. It was always upsetting to have to say goodbye, but the opportunity to teach and play with the children was amazing. Watching hope and happiness remain steadfast despite hardships has only reinforced my support for our mission and my desire to aid these fantastic people. - Alex Insley


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