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School Trips

Y9 - 11 Spanish Trip 2025

Y7 Trip - Beeston Castle

Ecology Field Trip

Y7 Reward Trip - Superbowl

Y8 Rewards Day - Trafford Centre

Y10 & Y11 History -  Poland Auschwitz and Krakow

Y10 Rewards Day - Alton Towers

Y9 Rewards Day - Trafford Centre

Y11 An Inspector Calls - Regent

Y10 RE - Rome

Y6 Liverpool Hope Residential

6th Form Lancaster University

London Performing Arts

MEP intensive study in Sheffield University

Y11 Rewards Day - Alton Towers

Y12 Hist / Economics Parliament Trip

Y13 Leavers Dinner

Y10 Geography Trip Goyt Valley

Y11 Prom

Y12 Geog Holdeness

DofE Bronze Qualification Expedition June 2024

DofE Silver and Gold Qualification July 2024

Duke of Edinburgh

Bronze Award

Duke of Edinburgh

Silver Award

Duke of Edinburgh

Gold Award

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