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Wellbeing Hub

At All Hallows our mental health and wellbeing offer is: 

We are here to support young people and parents. Our College staff are not experts in mental health or here to diagnose mental health, however the emotional wellbeing of our students is central to our Christian ethos.


We firmly believe that we can provide a safe and calm environment where mental health and wellbeing concerns are recognised, and any emerging concerns are identified so students can access early support and interventions. We are able to work effectively with external agencies to provide swift access or referrals to specialist support and treatment, if required.

Our Pastoral team, Learning Leaders, and Form Tutors are able to signpost and support our young people and families in finding the best ways of supporting their mental health and wellbeing. This support may range from a listening ear, to intervention work or help with accessing other services.


Alongside our team here at All Hallows there are many external services that we use and recommend. Take a look at the links below, for a range of other services in our iThrive service dictionary.

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If you are concerned about the immediate safety of yourself, a child or a young person, please contact:

  • The Cheshire mental health crisis line

0800 145 6485

  • Cheshire East Consultation Service CHECS 0300 123 5012

The best way for you to access support is to get in touch here:

Whether it's you or a parent / carer, we aim to get back in contact within 48 Hours. You can also see a range of support services listed in our iThrive service dictionary.

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