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All Hallows Sixth Form Student Student Shows Compassion and Stewardship in Supporting Local Hospice

Local hospitality supply business, Cherry Bean Ltd, has presented East Cheshire Hospice with supplies of tea, coffee, chocolate, milk and biscuits in gratitude for their unshaken support of their residents and families. It is a small thank you to staff who looked after family members, friends and employees. Cherry Bean have suffered a downturn on business demand, because of the current lockdown, so felt the stock would be better put to use by NHS staff and carers, than sitting on their shelves

Pictured below is Lauren Harbige of Year 12, who organised the supplies to East Cheshire Hospice in Macclesfield.

Lauren’s mum, Tracy, is the warehouse manager at Cherry Bean and because of the COVID19 outbreak, Tracy is working alone in the warehouse so took Lauren in with her for company and to help. Lauren helped Tracy to pack up care packages for local hospitals and hospices, and kindly delivered the pack to East Cheshire Hospice, following strict social distancing rules.


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