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Day 3 India Monday 17th February 2020

Mosquito target The recent drought has led to a killer mosquito invasion in Chennai, no matter how much garlic bread we consumed it has not deterred their taste for European blood. The competition is on. At last count Miss Turley was in the lead with 96 bites! Closely followed by Caitlin 94. After breakfast, we were invited to an Anglo Indian school to watch their fantastic sports day. Received as honoured guests with large applause, we had the opportunity to observe fascinating competitions with the theme of global warming. Drumbeat and brass accompanied the marching of the 3/4 year old students. Although the cheering from the parents was lacklustre, we certainly made up for it. In fact, we were so inspired that we’d like to petition that All Hallows’ sports day to include cadenced marching and gymnastic exhibitions. Upon leaving the school, we were given a tour of Loyola university (a local Jesuit university). Father Tony of the convent led us around the different departments including visual communication which he was studying. It was a fascinating tour with highlights including the beautiful church and the excitement of the visual marketing facilities. Returning from the university, we were greeted by a delicious spicy lunch with the lovely sister Cecilia. After which a few of our number took the opportunity to return to the school to play basketball. Later two ladies arrived to do our henna. Despite the long waits for drying the result of beautiful patterns was well worth the wait. Once our henna dried, it was time to pack for the journey to Theni. Many games of uno (which included an irate Archy) followed as we passed time waiting for dinner. Dinner itself was delicious with delightful company from the nuns. They were all too happy to chat away and pray with us over the food they provided. A short goodbye and a bus journey later saw us reach the station and board the overnight train. Once aboard we settled comfortably but stressfully into our journey and sat back to count mosquito bites. Alex and Issy


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