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Henry Hood ( Year 7) Raising Money for the NHS

While on one of the family's daily walks, Henry came up with the idea of fundraising for the NHS, deciding to do a 1.6 mile run daily before breakfast. He told his mum that he would get friends and family to sponsor him. His initial target was £100, however, the current total of donations at the time of writing far exceeds that at £1,140! Henry says:

'I knew that there was lots of poorly people and I knew that the NHS needed money. So, I decided to run 1.6 miles everyday to raise money for the NHS and I have lots of family and friends that can help me out and donate. The fact that I have raised so much money keeps me going and I love that it will keep me fit during lockdown as well.'

Congratulations to Henry for his all his efforts and displaying the All Hallows core values of Compassion and Honourable Purpose.'

Please visit Henry's Just Giving page, if you want to donate:


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